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URT Art Show      This Tuesday, April 28th, URT invites you to Downtown San Diego’s Bar Basic (+21), for the art show Watermen. In the program, URT showcases local talent that has dedicated thier art to the relationship between the ocean and man. From sailors to sea monsters, Watermen will include a variety of sea-inspired designs. In addition URT will be making its grand entrance into the public eye.
      In a section of the show URT will expose the critical relationship between the ocean’s tides and how man, Waterman if you will, use them. URT t-shirts will also be available for purchase at the show. Please show your support by taking time on that Tuesday to come down and grab a drink and find out how these artists/Watermen record the reactions of their personalitites to the underwater world they live in.


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  • High: 4.76 @ 04:05am
  • Low: -0.24 @ 11:05am
  • High: 4.67 @ 06:05pm
  • Low: 1.75 @ 11:05pm